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Friday, August 25, 2017

Birthday Booze will continue next week

From last night:
This enlightening tasting experience has me thinking about a lot of things. That trio requires further study. To be continued next week...


  1. The Foursquare 2004 is really good that some reviewers were liking it better than this year's Criterion release. Since K&L still has a lot of bottles, I'm seriously considering grabbing another one.

    However right now I'm trying to order a bottle of the Balvenie 14 Peat Week from Total Wine now that David OG sold out his allotment of bottles.

    1. They went through that Peat Week stuff quickly. I wonder how many people are just turning around and flipping it now. Hope someone's drinking it!

    2. I hope no one else notices Total Wine has bottles in stock. I am seriously tempted to grab a second bottle. The Peat Week is probably the most interesting Balvenie out now.

    3. Yeah, Balvenie usually doesn't do "interesting". They usually just aim for reliable and hit that target reliably. I like that the Peat Week has an age, vintage and a decent ABV.