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Monday, April 30, 2012

Monday Miscellaneous

I wake from vivid dreams where I've been framed for murdering a producer and my car's been firebombed to the real world sounds of shouting and gunfire.  I lay in bed a moment, my heart racing.  The shouting continues.

A moment later I realize our alcoholic (at the very least) oddball neighbor across the way has passed out with her TV cranked up to 11 and her front door open.  The amplified onscreen turmoil no one's watching had filtered into my unconscious and influenced my nightmares.  I wake her up and have her close the door.  It is 2:45am.

At 4:45am I am still awake, the adrenaline still bouncing around my brain banging pots together.  I have to trick my consciousness into believing that I am having an out of body experience, looking down at myself from the ceiling, in order to slip into sleep.  Two hours later our cell phone alarms go off.  Two hours of restful sleep.

Mad Men 


I love the writing staff's decision to go big and crazy this season.  From the two hour sexy premiere to Don's fever dream of killing an ex-lover with his bare hands to Lane delivering a beatdown to "grimy pimp" Campbell to LSD reverie to handjobs in a movie theater.  But a heartfelt slow clap goes out to Julia Ormond servicing a particular gentleman in one of the more graphic simulated oral sex shots I've seen.  And I may have seen a few.

These are all moments that are much louder than anything in previous seasons (aside from the lawnmower scene).  Subtle character development remains.  Something messy gradually unfurls at the agency.  And there's the continual descent into darkness.  So it's still Mad Men, just a little bigger.  But give us more Joan story, please!

I really have no idea where this season is going, as is the case every season.  Sally Draper is going to be one scrambled adult, but how screwed up is the question.  Teen pregnancy?  Suicide?  Homicide?  My bet is on Megan leaving Don, who will continue to be powerless (aka Happy Don) when in her radius.  And I wouldn't be terribly surprised if Roger and Joan make another go at things.

If there was one theme that's run the loudest during season, then it's Parents Screw Up Their Children.

Mad Men Sad Men Bad Men


We have 'em.  In fact, a consistent issue in our home is bookshelf space.  We never ever have enough.

A few years ago I stopped buying new books and scoured the Used listings for the Amazon Marketplace sellers.  I couldn't believe more people weren't doing the same.  Books in great condition for a buck and change (plus shipping)?  The accumulation of the printed word continued, until I took the next logical step...

No, I didn't buy a Kindle.

I obtained a Long Beach Library card.  And now I'm reading more than I have in decades.  I have research books.  And Serious Literature.  And frivolities.  I'm saving buckets of cash and stopping the bookshelf stuffing.

I've even raided the "Government" and "Federal" stacks.  Checked out old maps of LA County (picture Chinatown but without the bifurcated nostril and a nicer librarian).  They rent out old music and even have a bunch of free downloads.

And best of all, they still have the occasional schizophrenic wandering in shouting, "WHERE ARE THE APPLICATIONS FOR THE US GOVERNMENT JOBS?  APPLES!  FRANKLIN DELANOR ROOSEVELT!  DO YOU HAVE JELLY ROLL MORTON?  HOOVER HAD HIM KILLED!  I WANT TO WORK IN A FOREST!"  Ah, that's just timeless.

The library smells like the best parts of my nerdy childhood and the bathrooms are clean.  Makes me feel fulfilled.