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Friday, September 2, 2016

Birthday Booze: Rosebank 7 year old 1989 Signatory, cask 1739

It is done.  We closed on our new house!  As you read this we're (hopefully) moving all of our boxes and furniture into an actual permanent residence.  We've lived in temporary housing for two months.  And we're tired.  Really tired.  On a related note, we'll be without home internet for five days, so I might have to go to the *gasp* library to do any further posts.

And yes, I have also reached the end of my birthday boozes, and the end of my Signatory set of six minis, all of which were bottled in June/July of 1997.  I'm growing weary of the mediocrity of most of this set.  I mean, it's still batting .400 as of this typing, but those three outs never even made it out of the infield.  Baseball.  The Cleveland Americans are looking really good this year.  I've already jumped on their bandwagon and have securely fastened my seatbelt.  Man, I remember when Brook Jacoby played for Cleveland.  But I refuse to drink Cleveland Whiskey.  Whisky.  I'm reviewing a Rosebank today and I've been looking forward to this one ever since I bought the set.  I'm really hoping the group winds up going 50/50, and since it's old whisky wouldn't a free throw percentage be a more apt comparison?  Basketball.  This one guy plays basketball in Cleveland.  He often sports an ugly beard and a receding hairline like me.  We're so much alike.  I'm weary.  Fathers, they do get weary.

Distillery: Rosebank
Ownership: A cadre of buttholes
Independent Bottler: Signatory
Age: 7 years (October 4, 1989 - July 1997)
Maturation: probably a refill ex-bourbon cask
Cask#: 1739
Alcohol by Volume: 43%

It's the color of sauvignon blanc.  The pretty pretty nose is malty with LOADS of lemons and a few limes and some cucumber water.  It's a little green and grassy.  Morning dew on a field of wildflowers (No, it's not going to be one of those reviews, probably).  Peach skin and orange blossom honey (that one's for Tom K., if he's reading).  The palate is soft, but bright, fresh, and lemony.  A mild dryness later gives way to a subtle sweetness.  Malt, chili oil, tangerines, and sweet limes.  The lightly sweet finish has lemons, peppercorns, as well as toasted and creamy notes.  The lemons remain for a long time.

Going to go gentle on the water.

WITH WATER (~40%abv)
The nose gets grassier, more herbal.  Maybe even a little phenolic.  Still plenty of lemons and honey.  Hints of dijon mustard and floral tea.  The palate is sweeter, going from a aperitif to a digestif.  Malt, lemon candy, and a green herbal grassy note that peeks out here and there.  It finishes with limoncello and chili powser.

Soft, pretty, herbal, and utterly lemony.  A little tenderness, if you'll allow.  This is without a doubt my favorite Rosebank (out of 4!) I've tried.  It can't be accused of complexity but it nails the simple style with grace.  And Kristen likes it too.  So it must be good.  I want recommend this whisky, especially to fans of dry white wine, but this stuff is loooooong gone.  Don't worry, I'll be easing my reviews back into relevance next week.  In the meantime, let's all have something nice to drink.  We're home.

Availability - ?
Pricing - ?
Rating - 87