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Whisky Notes

There are two ways to view the 100-point grading system.

Comparable letter grades:
(updated 2/20/24)

95 to 100 - A+ : The stuff that dreams are made of.
93 to 94 - : Truly thrilling.  Can make one ponder his or her existence.
90 to 92 - A- : Excellent. If the style suits your palate, then I highly recommend this drink.
87 to 89 - B+ : Grand stuff, if I don't already own it then it's because the money tree croaked
84 to 86 - B : Very good whisky. It makes me smile when I see it on the shelf at a retailer or bar.
81 to 83 - B- : Solid, reliable whisky. Not without its flaws, but the positives out weigh 'em.
78 to 80 - C+ : Average. Pending the price, something I'd still order at a bar.
75 to 77 - C : Drinkable, but mildly disappointing as the bad starts to outweigh the good.
72 to 74 - C- : Not terrible, may be just for specific palates. I'd rather drink beer.
69 to 71 - D+ : Difficult to recommended. Either it's too sleepy or it's among the least of its type.
66 to 68 - D : Not recommended.
63 to 65 - D- : Considerably broken whisky.  Should avoid making eye contact.
00 to 62 - F : Failure from top to bottom.

Or, more simplified:

90 - 100 - Dynamite.  A lovely drink and something I would hope to possess for myself.
80 - 89 - Desirable.  Always reliable and I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for this whisky today.
70 - 79 - Drinkable.  I wouldn't turn it down, but I personally wouldn't pay for it.
60 - 69 - Dumpable.  Mediocre or worse.  Truly not recommendable to anyone.
00 - 59 - Disgusting.  Need I say more?

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The above grades are based on aesthetics only and thus issued independently of the whisky's price.  I don't feel comfortable listing a price-quality ratio/grade because the damn drink keeps getting more expensive every week.  But fear not!  I'll bitch about discuss pricing issues in almost every post anyway, usually right above where I list the score.

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individual distiller/bottler websites

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