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Monday, February 20, 2012

Long Beach Scottish Festival

The Long Beach Scottish Festival ran this past Saturday and Sunday in and around the Queen Mary.  Our friends James and Jess participated, as did Kristen and I .  By "participated" I mean ate, drank, and cheered all things Scottish.

There was no haggis (thankfully?), but there were meat pies.  And a steady stream of pipers.  There was Scotch whisky, but no Scottish ale to be found.  There were kilts EVERYWHERE.  Gaelic tchotchke tents.  Dancing competitions.  Sheep herding.  And a steady stream of pipers.  There was also gelato, spicy cheese kettle corn, and street tacos -- little known Scottish delights.

Here's a hastily assembled (whisky-free) recap of the sunny day.  And a steady stream of pipers.