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Wednesday, May 24, 2023

BARD Wednesday: Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof, 65.45%abv batch

Monday's post may have come across a bit harsh. Mondays gotta Monday. So I'll try to soften it:

It has come to my attention that I also enjoyed the 2021 batch of Jack Daniel's 10-year-old, so that makes two Brown-Forman products that didn't cause my palate to jump out of my mouth. Also, the 76-point score I gave to Monday's JDSBBP barrel is a hell of a lot higher than I'd give to the current Old No. 7 (which would get something between a 36 and 56).

Does that provide some perspective? No? Okay, I kinda tried.

It's Wednesday now, and I'm trying another one of Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof barrel barrels. It's a teensy bit stronger, and I think it's a more recent release.

Brand: Jack Daniel's
Ownership: Brown-Forman Corporation
Region: Lynchburg, TN
Mashbill: 80% corn, 12% malted barley, 8% rye
Age: ?
Bottled: 2022
Barrel Barrel #: 22-04344
Outturn: ???
Alcohol by Volume: 65.45%
(from a bottle split)

Again, I tried this at four strengths:

Full Strength
Diluted to 50%abvDiluted to 46%abvDiluted to 43%abv
The bourbony nose is loaded with cherries and caramels. Some raspberry jam, red bean paste, and a hint of brine as well. Not hot!A desserty nose: butterscotch budino, pound cake, and dried blueberries.The nose changes with each dilution. Now it has plum wine, blueberry pie, and a just a whiff of butterscotch.Pretty nose. Stewed and baked berries, orange peel, and caramel up top, basic barrel char underneath.
The palate is hot, of course, but it doesn't hide the sweet cherries, candy corn, mild peppery tannins, and a slight umami note.Ah, the bitter oak appears here in the palate. It's met by sweet oranges, mint leaf, and a hint of ginger. It gets pepperier with time.Bitter oak is replaced by more palatable peppery tannins. Tart fresh cranberries + sweetened dried cranberries. Raspberries and ginger.Not much left of the palate. It's lightly bitter, sweet, and peppery.
It finishes with sweet cherries and wood spice.Bitter oak, tangy chiles, and little bit of sweetness in the finish.It finishes with plum jam, ginger, and pepper.Quiet finish made of pepper and salt.
Though it's big and oaky, I like it. Can imagine it as a hearty colder weather pour.
Delightful nose, less-than-delightful palate. The bitterness taints it.
Its parts are most in tune with each other at this strength. And its bitterness has vanished.
The whiskey ran out of steam here, with too much dilution being the culprit. It still smells great though.


The new Brown-Forman king has been crowned! (Yes, I know it's American, but a significant portion of Americans want a king.) Jack Daniel's Single Barrel Barrel Proof barrel barrel 22-04344 is something I would buy and drink. 46%abv may be its sweet spot, but the whiskey works at full power. Bitter oak jumps out here and there, so be careful when adding water. Though really, how many people consuming JDSBBP are going to bust out the eyedropper? Please enjoy responsibly.

Availability - Many batches/barrels around
Pricing - $55 - $85
Rating - 85