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Thursday, August 11, 2022

Queen Margot 8 year old blended whisky

My friend, Dr. Springbank, and I have both entered aw-what-the-hell mode when it comes to booze. For instance, while he was in Portugal recently he and his wife (also, Dr. Springbank) bought three bottles of scotch. Yes they were three whiskies unavailable in Ohio. No, they were not indie single casks. They were three random blends found in grocery stores. When he offered up samples, I said aw-what-the-hell-absolutely. At least it'd be something different.

Yesterday, I reviewed the first blend, White Heather 15 year old, the real glamour puss of the trio. The second blend of the triad was one Queen Margot 8 year old.

Fully chill-filtered, decorated with e150a, and well-hydrated down to 40%abv, the blend honors Margaret of Valois, maybe. Margie was in the middle of all sorts of shit back in the 16th century. Get ready to keep score..... The daughter of both the de' Medici family and French Hank the Second, Margot married the man who'd become French Hank the Fourth. Her sister, Liz, married Spanish Phil el Segundo. Her brother, Frank Two, would marry Mary, Queen of Scots, and become king for all of 17 months before then becoming quite dead. Another brother, Hank, would become French Hank le Troisième. And another brother was, French Chuck the Ninth, who was crowned king at 10 years old.

So I guess, yeah, name a scotch after her. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Brand: Queen Margot
Ownership: Wallace & Young Distillers Co.
Type: Scotch Blended Whisky
Age: minimum 8 years
Maturation: ???
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Chillfiltered? Yes
e150a? Yes
(thank you, Dr. Springbank!)


Does anyone make pear-scented turpentine? Because that's all I smell, right off the bat. That notes recedes after 15 minutes, replaced by new carpet offgassing, floral perfume, saltines, pizza dough and a hint of peach candy.

It tastes just like Jameson. I even just did a head-to-head with the Irish blend, and the similarity is uncanny. Same floral note, same vodka note, same vanilla note, same pepper note, same bitterness. Maybe a little less heat.

It finishes sweet and bitter, with a good dose of black pepper and a dash of florals.

On the rocks, it's all perfume, vanilla and sugar.


Named after a French-Italian lady, this Scotch whisky tastes like an Irish whiskey. Were I certain other whisky reviewer I would say, "something something European Union, something something Boris Johnson."

QM8's similarity to Jameson isn't such a mystery. An ultra-high grain whisky content (and maybe some Lowland malt) can be the likely culprit. That an 8 year old whisky tastes like a 3 year old whiskey. which in turn tastes similar to Canadian Club, points to a disappointing collapsing of styles, which I hope is not a trend. BUT, once QM8 ditches its case of The Turps early, the nose lifts it up out of Whisky Fail territory. A small victory.

Availability - Lidl grocery stores!
Pricing - €10-€15
Rating - 68