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Sunday, March 21, 2021

I'm waaaaaay behind on Irish whiskies

As a big champion of Irish whiskey my early blogging days, I'm feeling sheepish about how far out of the Éire nectar loop I have gotten. There are new distilleries, countless Midleton products and the Teelings keep charging ahead without Cooley. While it's true I've lost some of my 🍀 whiskey lust from 8-10 years ago, I'm still Irish curious.

While I'm lukewarm about a half dozen or more Jameson products clinking around shelves, there was one new expression that caught my eye. There are more Redbreasts than there used to be, but most of them have age statements. Some single casks from the major producers have snuck onto the market, something unheard of back in my Irish salad days.

Rather than bludgeoning you with an Irish cluster, I'm going to sprinkle Irish weeks here and there throughout the spring and summer, starting tomorrow. And because my Kilchoman cluster prevented me from reviewing an Irish whiskey on St. Patrick's Day, I've been damned near seeing spots...