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Monday, June 11, 2012

10,000 views!? Whut?

Around the time I was composing Saturday's post, Diving for Pearls had its 10,000th pageview.
10,000 pageviews from at least 1,114 cities and 92 countries.

Yeah, seriously.  And this was my reaction all weekend:

Ah yes, these two pics should garner me another 10K+ views...
Here's a quick statistical breakdown of the views:

The clicks during my first go at the blog in '07-'08 make up about 16% of the total.
During my 3-year absence, devoted readers and lost Google searchers nabbed 4% of the total.
Since I've restarted the blog, the last 7.5 months make up more than 79% of the views.

In fact, the views over the last 10 weeks alone make up almost 55% of the 10K+.

Russian spammers: 7%.  Thanks robo-comrades!  I've enjoyed all of your nonsense spam comments.

European continent (non-spam): 17%
African continent: 0.5%  --  Come on, Africa!

The Top Ten Countries by Pageviews:
1. United States of America (69%!)
2. United Kingdom
3. Canada
4. Brazil
5. India
6. Sweden
7. Poland
8. Germany
9. Australia
10. Netherlands
All of these are whisky-loving nations.  Coincidence?

Speaking of whisky, my whisky posts make up only 38% of the total views (or 45% since I restarted the blog), so I need to make sure Diving for Pearls doesn't get as obsessed as I with the usquebaugh.

Between now and the next 10K, I'll be adding a couple of items.  Firstly, before this week is over you should see a new Page on the right side of the blog page called Whisky Resources.  The page will list my favorite whisky sites -- blogs, journals, companies, and stores.  Online whisky resources have become vast; one just needs to know where to look, so I'll try to help with that.

Secondly, I WISH I could post more single malt reports, but they cost $$$.  Or rather, the whisky costs $$$.  At this point, I'll keep doing 2 reports a week -- unless I'm travelling or there's a special occasion.

Stay tuned for more home renovation posts this summer.  We've been in tear-down/build-up mode for two months.  Hopefully our pictures will be able to tell a good story.

Finally, the writer will likely need to get an actual day job since the screenwriting experience has been bit more pro bono than I would have preferred.  When that day comes, I hope to be able to share the experience here without torching every bridge I've built.

Until then...

There will be some whiskEy written up on the blog tomorrow.  And good cheap stuff at that.  The whiskey, not the writing, I mean.  The writing is expensive and hideous.  ;-)   And utilizes emoticons.

Thanks again for stopping by!