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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Wednesday "What?"

Who’s got fleas?

We’ve got fleas.


That's messed up, right there.

By “we”, I mean our condo.  And by “our condo”, I mean our condo that has no pets and had no fleas two weeks ago.  I just emptied out an entire can of Zodiac Aerosol Spray on our carpets and upholstery.  I shut the front door behind me, yelling “Goodbye fleas! You’d better be f***ing dead when I get home!”  Please feel free to co-opt that dialogue for any of your future screen- or teleplays.  You’re welcome.

A flea spray accidental high has some pretty interesting side effects.  The world just got very loud and I keep seeing cops everywhere.  That ain’t right.

Oh.  I'm at Starbucks.  How’d I get here?

My brother is in town from the bEast Coast.  The fleas are seriously endangering the pizza-grilling and whisky-sharing that I'd scheduled.  See, nobody wins.

Someday our home is going to be AWESOME.


In blog maintenance news, I’ve made some minor tweaks to the ‘About Me’, ‘Whisky Notes’, and ‘Declaration of Principles’ pages.  The most important update is that the Whisk(e)y Reports have actual stars in their ratings now.  ★★★★★.  I am clearly an HTML god.