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Friday, October 7, 2011

We are moving

Down payments, points, interest rates, buyer’s realtors, seller’s realtors, loan company, loan agent, underwriters, loan company buying our loan from the other loan company, mortgage, mortgage insurance, condo insurance, supplemental insurance, property tax, property tax credit, escrow, HOA dues, plumbers, electricians, locksmiths, inspections, appraisals, termites, bird poop, lots of bird poop, utilities, telephone lines, internet, cable, HD cable box, address changes, condo keys, complex keys, mail keys, garage door openers, intercom doesn’t work, scraping patching sanding priming painting ceilings, vacuuming, removing mirrors, de-uglifying, new appliances, escrow errors, balancing multiple accounts, multiple runs to Lowe’s, renting a moving truck, finding movers, praying for a full security deposit return, High Holidays, producer’s notes on script, generating new story ideas, broken router, scheduling donation pickups, massive stack of empty boxes, packing boxes, early start on moving boxes, avoiding injury, pre-moving injuries, new neighbors, new town, new kitchen, new bedroom, new view, more escrow errors, f**k escrow, crowded old living space, dust, carpet off-gassing, suspect dishwasher, bad backsplash, bad counters, painted over wallpaper peeling, terrible paint jobs, unwanted new flooring, pretending to be good at handiwork, shift in diet, insomnia, lots and lots and lots of money leaving aforementioned accounts, I AM FINE I AM NOT STRESSED NO PANIC HERE TOTALLY RELAXED MELLOW CALM SUNNY CHEERY MEDITATIVE I DON’T KNOW THE DEFINITION OF ANXIETY

anxiety (a ng ˈzī-itē) - noun ( pl. -ties)
a feeling of worry, nervousness, or unease, typically about an imminent event

Did I mention that we bought a condo?