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Thursday, January 17, 2013

These are termite times

Three days without buying a bottle of whisky...  :)

In case clarity was needed after my last post, I'm not discontinuing my whisky drinking and writing.  It's the too-enthused pursuit of more bottles that I'm halting and pondering.  But for this week, I will have to put The Report on hold because...

At this very moment our entire condo building is covered by a big tent, gusts of poison swooping through every drawer, door, and cabinet.  The HOA has committed to killing the termites dead.

Kristen and I are living out of our suitcases for a few days.  A generous friend has let us stay at his place.  He likes Lagavulin 16, so I bought him a couple of thank you gifts.  I hope he likes them!  I know I would.  8^)

My open liquor bottles are sealed in special airtight bags.  We packed up our valuables (including some whisky), filled our cars, and took our goodies with us.  The company says the scentless tasteless poison will be carried out of our home entirely and will not leave any residue.  That doesn't comfort me one iota.  The weather looks great this weekend so we'll open the windows wide upon our return.  We'll scrub down every counter and wash every last dish when we get back.  

I'm having a moment wherein I'd love to share more about these strange days, but quite a number of people I know offline are well aware that I write this blog.  Many of them stop by.  It's difficult to know what to share here as I don't want to jeopardize my livelihood.

All I can say is, change is due.  It has to be.