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Friday, June 7, 2013

Whisky Storage: The Samples

I used to store my samples in these:

They work quite well, though you'll need to make your own dividers if you don't want samples bumping into each other.  In order to keep my bottles separated, I fashioned a number of grid-like dividers out of the cardboard boxes Amazon would ship these Snap-N-Stores in.

I had a few boxes of these and enjoyed them a lot.  Made me look all organized and stuff.  But then, last month, an alternative presented itself.

When the Long Beach Antique Market makes its monthly stop near our home, Kristen has been known to peruse it and find some great vintage furniture and decor at decent prices.  I join her, partially for some fresh air, partially to search for baseball cards that I will never buy, partially to look for old nudie mags that I (um) will never buy, partially for a big plastic cup of beer.  Without fail, I usually wind up going through sellers' tchotchkes more than she does.  But this time, I found these:

And these:

My ammunition boxes:


and stored...

...but not until after all the boxes were wiped down and thoroughly sanded.  Don't want to get a splinter under a fingernail when I reach for a Springbank sample.  This new sample storage serves me so well, I almost like it more than the whisky inside.  Almost.