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Friday, October 28, 2022

Frysk Hynder 4 year old 2017 Dutch Single Malt, cask 255B

Located in Friesland, Netherlands, Us Heit Distillery produces a flock of liqueurs and its own single malt, Frysk Hynder. They've released scores, if not hundreds, of single casks, the majority of which have been reduced to 40%abv. Many of the casks have been seasoned with "Red Wine", with others having received the sherry or cognac treatment. Today's Frysk Hynder spent its time in one of those "red wine" casks, and was bottled one month before its fifth birthday.

Distillery: Us Heit Distillery
Ownership: the van der Linde family
Brand: Frysk Hynder
Region: Friesland, Netherlands
Age: 4 years old (3 April 2017 - 3 March 2022)
Maturation: Red wine
Cask #: 255B
Outturn: ???
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
(sample pilfered at an event)


On the nose I'm finding raspberries, orange oil, white bread, lots of eggy sulfur, even more Velveeta slices, and I don't want to smell it anymore.

Prunes, metal and tissues arrive first in the palate, followed by corn syrup, ginger ale and burnt saltines.

If finishes burnt and bitter, but brief.


This whisky was wrong on many levels. I snooped around to find out if any of their other whiskies had issues, and quickly discovered that the Frysk Hynder brand gets an F as its Whiskybase Ranking. To be fair, those rankings go down to G (why?). Anyway, I'm assuming the whisky gets bottled so young because the casks prove fatal beyond five years, which may be same the reason for the maximum dilution. The palate is very strange and unpleasant though not horrifying, but the nose is nearly nauseating. I will not apologize for the alliteration. This is the second worst whisky I've had this year.

Availability - ???
Pricing - ???
Rating - 61

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