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Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Night

Had a odd turn of events in my personal life...

So I decided to do an Ardbeg Taste Off

It vaporized all Sense and Reason

Once I figure out how to frame this in complete thoughts the reports will be promptly posted.

Seriously, Shabbat Shalom.

Happy Friday!

Woke up at 6am this morning to go for a run.


How'd I ever do this every morning for three years?

After that, I've got nothing left today, so here's the week's recap.
  1. Wedding anniversary
  2. Kitchen remodling finished
  3. Guests from Sweden stayed with us for three nights.  With baby!
  4. Interview with employment agency.
  5. Started running again. (See above)
  6. Basketball season over.
  7. No new Mad Men. :-(
  8. Still not paying attention to the election.
  9. A truck driver was sentenced to a six-month prison sentence for stealing 180 bottles of Hankey Bannister.  Why?  Just make him drink the Hankey.  That's punishment enough.
  10. Zing!
  11. And finally, I'm starting to thin out the collection of DVDs I've amassed over the years.  Have plucked 20+ of 'em from the bunch.  May rid myself of more.  If I could sell off my CD collection, I'd do so as well.  Too bad I threw away everything except the discs.  Craigslist here I come!
Finally, may all your weekends be like this:

GREAT beer. (Source)