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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Wife returns from foreign lands, with treats in tow

As mentioned last week, I had a whisky shop in Yorkshire truck a Ledaig 15yr parcel over to Kristen's hotel in Worcester.  I am indebted to her for many things, and I must add this to the list.  She couriered the bottle (box and all) back to me in her luggage with nary a gripe.

Actual bottle shot.
She was also in Wisconsin (twice) and brought us back a cold!  More importantly she brought herself back.  Both times.

Then she was in Australia...
 Where there are birds like this:
They bite people.  Probably just self-conscious about the tail issue.

Then she brought back this:
Buddha approves
First off, Vegemite.

Secondly, The Singleton of Glen Ord.  Diageo bottles three Singletons from three different distilleries: The Singleton of Glendullan (for the North American market), The Singleton of Dufftown (European market), and The Singleton of Glen Ord (Pacific market).  Of the three the Glen Ord is preferred by Serge V, the rest of the Maniacs as a whole, Michael Jackson's Guide, and Jim Murray.  The grand slam is it not?  So when Kristen (bless her) called me from Sydney Kingsford Smith International Airport's duty free shop and ran down the whisky selection, the Glen Ord arose as the most intriguing (and affordable) option.  Can't get it here, only out there.  As I keep reading about all of its floral, orange, hazelnut, and chocolate notes, I'm doubting it will stay sealed for very long.

And the Sullivan's Cove Double Cask Single Malt?  Now that was unexpected!  Many thank yous to Chris and Connor for this very nice surprise!  It was an international effort and I/we owe you a drink or two.  In the meantime, shall I pair this with a Vegemite sandwich?