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Monday, January 31, 2022

A few brief thoughts before I continue

Three months divorced, though separated at heart for nearly two years, I have come to the end of my first Covid spell and I have a few thoughts.

The American Brand is Sad™ and™ Horny™. I mean, I'm obviously projecting, but there are infinite ways we have communicated that brand over the years, from Wordle posts to Casablanca to Interpol. Speaking of which, about 16 years ago I lied to a work friend saying that I loved Turn On the Bright Lights. I hadn't listened to it even once, but my friend was so brilliant and beautiful and I didn't want to interrupt the reverie she was in, detailing how much that album meant to her. She died eight years later of cancer, survived by her husband and son. Taylor, I'm sorry I lied then, but you were right, I'm listening to it now, it is a great album. 

When one stops drinking, one suddenly gets a lot of one's night back, especially if Covid has stolen one's ability to sleep. I'd like to pat myself on the back for falling into very few internet rabbit holes, avoiding most cat videos, and ignoring all performative parenting social media posts.

I did watch some films (French New Wave stuff (Contempt, Elevator to the Gallows, etc.), Star Wars things, Pig, The Green Knight, Blade Runner 2049, etc.), read books (Middle Passage (holy shit) and a slew of baseball history tomes), and did some cooking because I can still smell and taste.

Five-word commentary:

Contempt - Makes much more sense now
Elevator to the Gallows - Jeanne + Miles + Louis = WANT MORE
The Force Awakened - Created with emotion, not thought
Pig - Rewatched Nicolas Cage's monologue thrice
The Green Knight - Improves as the journey progresses
Blade Runner 2049 - Earth needs more grownup SciFi

On that note: Before getting back into liquid reviews, I tested my senses to make sure that cognac tasted like cognac, Ardmore tasted like Ardmore, and bourbon tasted like shit. ZING! Those spirits did not change while I was gone. Pending no viral relapses, I'll post my 1500th review on Wednesday.