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Friday, March 2, 2012

Alex Rodriguez, I'll bet you think this post is about you

Is there nothing that you do, publicly, that doesn't photograph weird?

I guess that's why I love you, man.

No, not that way.

In more of a straight male warrior centaur kind of way.

Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

You need to be healthy this year, bro.  Haters gon' hate, but a three year clean ARodaissance would be swell for beisbol, New York, and (even bigger!) you.

Afterwards, you'd be in around 7th place in Runs, 12th in Hits, 2nd in Total Bases, 3rd in RBI, 5th in Extra Base Hits, you'd pass Babe Ruth on the home run list, and (for the statheads) you'd be 8th in Offensive WAR.  And you'd still be only 38 years old.  Three years left on your contract to coast on into the top of the record books in almost every major offensive category.

I know you've said that you don't pay any attention to your own stats, but look at those pictures above.  Dude.  You do pay attention to your own stats.

So, if not for the fans, if not for the game, if not for the Yankees, do it for ARod.

Think about it for a sec...

The photo opportunities will be endless.