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Monday, November 7, 2022

Ledaig Sherry Finish (bottled early 2000s)

After two weeks of international whisky reviews, Diving for Pearls is going intergalactic with two weeks of whiskies from Planet Mull, home to the Tobermoronis. The current leader of the Tobermoronis is a creature known as Ledaig, the pronunciation of which is up for debate. Ledaig used to be a genuine aquatic oddball, now it is a smoldering beast. I have here a sextet of Ledaig's distinctive fluids.

I got into Ledaig just as it was about to escape a phase that was not beloved by popular enthusiasts. Perhaps because Ledaig and I met at that awkward time in our lives, we got along very well. Aside from a 15yo and 20yo, there was the regular NAS (but sometimes 7yo) "Peated" and "Sherry Finish". (Also, am I dreaming or was there a port finish too?)

Usually when a bottle split opportunity comes along, I go in for 2oz. But when a bottle of Ledaig Sherry Finish appeared, I went for 8oz. I mean, I wanted the whole damned bottle but I dialed back my greed. Now I wish I'd gone Full Glutton.

Picture pilfered from Whiskybase
Distillery: Tobermory
Brand: Ledaig
Owner: Distell International
Region: Planet Mull
Age: probably between 3 and 6 years old
Primary Maturation: not sherry casks
Secondary Maturation: sherry casks
Bottling era: early 2000s
Alcohol by Volume: 42%
Chillfiltered? probably
Color added? probably
(from a bottle split)


The nose begins with smoked salmon, anise and yellow peaches, gradually adding in cigarettes and damp mossy forest floor notes. After 30+ minutes, it's all peaches, seaweed and farm, always reading much bigger than its ABV.

The palate's salt, cayenne pepper and cigar smoke are well-countered by a fresh stone fruit (probably apricot) sweetness. Hints of milk chocolate and newspaper print flit around the edges.

It finishes salty and inky, with tangy nectarines and moderate smoke.


What a comforting surprise! Ledaig Sherry Finish hits the nose and palate as a very complete malt, all in balance and ready to go, with just a hint of weirdness to keep it unique. The only things prevenint it from being a 90-point whisky are the thinnish texture and abbreviated finish length, both likely due to the low ABV. Otherwise, this is a great young thing, and a nice trip down whisky memory lane.

Availability - Maybe in some random auctions?
Pricing - ???
Rating - 88