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Friday, May 25, 2012

The (near) future of Single Malt Reports

Man, who's tired of blended whiskies?


Yeah, tell me about it.  It got to the point that when I held the glass of Hankey Bannister up to my lips I sighed out of exhaustion.  The blends had become burdensome.

And I'm getting concerned that it's affecting my reports.  I almost posted this last week:


Brand: Does it matter?
Distilleries: I dunno, but it's someone's worst stuff
Current Owner: should be ashamed
Type: Not mine
Age: not old enough to know better
Maturation: glass bottle?
Alcohol by Volume: much too low


Availability - Yes
Pricing - Should be free
Rating - Meh.

Never fear, good news is here!

Only two blend reports left and they're the ones I've been looking forward to the most!  I prefer to close Blend Month with a shout rather than a whimper.

After that......Actual Single Malts.  Remember those?

I have a whole bunch of fun whiskys for June and July.  Going to do some Taste-Off-style distillery verticals.  I have a couple bottles in The Cabinet that are nearing their end and have thus far been denied a report.  I'll be going to a cool whisky event at the end of next week.  Plus I may even have a weird liquor or two that will require documentation.

I'm still aiming for the two-per-week setup until I run out.  After that I'll report on canned soup.

Happy Friday!