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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Weekend in review (or Thank You!)

Sometime last week, Diving for Pearls had its 25,000th pageview.  2400+ cities, 124 countries and counting...
Yes I made this.
Thank you, everyone!  Thank you, spammers who keep sending me "comments" that extoll the benefits of purchasing Tiffany and Rolex products, in Russian.  Na zdorovie!  Thank you, search engines and people looking for images of Famous Grouse, Fremont Street, windmills, and llamas!

A sincere Thank You to the online whisky community for welcoming me in and spreading the word!

And THANK YOU to every reader who has stopped by!  The posts shall continue.  My new job has made it difficult for me to opine as often as before.  There probably won't be any 6-post weeks, nor 5-post weeks.  But my goal is to publish three or four items each week, using the best words I can find or invent.

The wife is out of town this weekend.

And you know what that means!

It's been two nights and, seriously, call FEMA.  I'd try to shovel my way out of this disaster I've created, but...well...the shovel is somewhere underneath that pile of dishes, laundry, opossums, mini apple pie wrappers, rotting onions, broken Hankey Bannister bottles, ethernet cables, shopping cart handles, and dead squash plants in the tub.

I've dug a path to the Whisky and what I think is the front door.

I smell something burning.  Must be the wine-cork-and-Domino's-pizza-box broth that's been simmering since Friday.

Wednesday is Yom Kippur.  That means it's fasting time!

One thing I've noticed about a fast, is that it's slow.

If I'm the first person who's said that, then shame on everyone.

After last week's glut of independently bottled whiskies, I have a whole slew of classic official bottlings on the slate.  All (or 90% of 'em) are reasonably priced, as of today at least.  As much as I'm attracted to the newest shiny whisky thing, ALL OF THEM are priced irresponsibly.  So this site's whisky reporting will remain focused on cheaply- and moderately-priced booze.  Though I reserve the right to veer off the path when the situation presents itself.

Situations like this:

Birthday drams!
Finally, I'm happy to say that my first Dram Quest (see the right side of the page) is now coming to a successful end.  It's been a lovely mind (and liver?) expanding experience.  Thank you to those who assisted me with obtaining a couple of these dream drams.  One may note that some whiskys are crossed off but do not have a "DONE" next to them.  Well, those have yet to be reported on, though they are in my possession.

I have no idea what will be included in my next Dram Quest, but now's the time to dream it up.