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Friday, June 1, 2012

The Flailing Writer goes Gardening, Part III

I don't think I mentioned this is the previous gardening post, but I took the shears to our old ferns.  Pruning can be horrifying if one gets emotionally attached to plants, but then one just grabs the blades and gets to it.  Fern, the First and Second, got seriously pruned.  They had looked terrible, and I was supposed to have been pruning every year.  So I did a thorough branch pruning.  And guess what???

This is Fern the First
That brings me joy.  And so does this:

Pepper has two peppers!  They're still new and small, but as of two months ago the plant was mostly dead.  Not all dead.  Mostly dead is slightly alive.

And the tomato plants...?

Tomas Junior, the cherry tomato plant, has at least eight of these guys.

Meanwhile Tomas Senior, the heirloom tomato plant, had been growing up and up and up, creating many blossoms but no fruit......until, a couple of days ago.  I caught a peek of this...

As for Zook, she's been blossoming like crazy without fruiting well.  I did some research and discovered that there are boy blossoms and girl blossoms.  The girl blossoms are the ones that fruit.  It's possible that the boy pollen hasn't been getting into the girl parts at an appropriate rate.  So I performed some plant husbandry.  Manually.

Zucchini money shot!!!!!!!!
That's the update for now.  For all (three) gardening posts, click here.  Happy Friday!