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Friday, August 12, 2022

Glen Orchy 5 year old blended whisky

There is an actual Orchy glen in Scotland, around northeastern Argyll and Bute, just a short drive east on A85 from Oban. Like Queen Margot 8 year old, reviewed yesterday Glen Orchy 5 year old is sold exclusively at Lidl grocery stores. (Thank you to kallaskander for the Lidl info!) It appears to be going for a similar price as QM8, so yes it's time for another swig of a bottom shelf blend. Sláinte!

Brand: Glen Orchy
Ownership: Clydesdale Scotch Whisky Co.
Type: Scotch Blended Whisky Malt
Age: minimum 5 years
Maturation: ???
Alcohol by Volume: 40%
Chillfiltered? Yes
e150a? Yes
(thank you, Dr. Springbank!)


Ah, the young blend stank! Plenty of baby malt and grain whisky on the nose, and lots of vanilla American oak. But the whisky also has notes of limes, oranges, and Caol Ila-ish peat. Yeah, the CI is faint, but it's in there.

The palate is bitter, salty and raw. A touch of smoke. A splash of chlorine.

Sweetness and chemical bitterness build up in the finish.

But wait! It's much better than Queen Margot 8yo when served on the rocks. Better than JW Red, Dewar's White and Cutty's......er, Yellow. No florals, no bitterness. Not too sweet, and not much vanilla. Just very clean. Who knew?!


Well, I already expended much of my Words Words in the last paragraph, so I'll just use a few more Words here. Don't drink this neatly. Put this on some ice, maybe a splash of club soda, and put your feet up. Or maybe drink something else entirely, really.

Availability - Lidl grocery stores!
Pricing - €10-€15
Rating - 70 (on ice only; it's at least 10 points lower when neat)

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  1. Somehow I missed the fact that this was a blended MALT. Thank you, Dr. Springbank, for the heads up!