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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Malt Report: Inchgower 13 year old 2000 for Austrian Whisky Connoisseurs

Yes, it's another rare weekend whisky review!  This one arrives courtesy of a sample from Cobo.  I've only covered some old Inchgowers thus far, now here's a chance to review a younger one.  It's a single sherry butt (perhaps half of one as per the bottle count) selected by Cobo for the Austrian Whisky Connoisseurs group in Graz.

Distillery: Inchgower
Type: Single Malt
Region: Speyside (Banffshire)
Owner: Diageo
Bottler: Austrian Whisky Connoisseurs
Age: 13 years (2000-2014)
Maturation: sherry butt
Alcohol by Volume: 59.1%
Limited Release: 271 bottles

It has a dark gold color.

The nose is of sherry and the ocean.  Fudgy and fruity (peach nectar and honeydew).  Reminiscent of sherried Yamazaki (wherever it may be).  Meanwhile the spirit still sings through.  There are floral esters peeking out here and there, a little bit of grass and watermelon rind, and an organic note that's almost peat-like.  Ooh, and toffee pudding.  After 30 minutes, larger notes of raisins and tobacco appear.

The palate is moderately sweet and pleasantly sherried, the way Macallan 12 used to be.  Chocolate and salt, easy on the dried cherries.  The melon rind shows up here too.  Some butterscotch and good maltiness.  Limes and black pepper.

The sherry notes retreat in the finish, leaving the green stuff and organic notes from the nose.  Malt, salt, and pepper.  A good herbal bitterness, like a German digestif.

WITH WATER (~46%abv)
Boldly floral nose, Inchgower spirit!  The sherry gets dirtier, the greener notes get louder.  Some mineral and lime sharpness.  Small notes of pound cake and prunes.

The palate is sweeter, spicier, maybe even richer, but definitely louder.  More vanilla, more tart citrus, and some tobacco.

The good length finish is a now a dessert, all vanilla, toffee, and spice.

This was a very good cask with high quality sherry, oak, AND spirit notes all in tune.  The whisky works well with or without water.  (Sorry about the alliteration there.)  Plus the price was very right (54 euro).  I'm jealous.  Well picked, Cobo!  Now will someone please get a high quality well-priced sherry cask of Inchgower to The States?

Availability - originally was exclusive to AWC, but now it might be found in the secondary market
Pricing - was €54
Rating - 89


  1. Hey... glad you liked it :)
    The plan was to bottle the whole butt, but the cask was leaking and therefore lost much of it's original content. Therefore I ended up with only 271 bottles. And yeah, good casks at affordable prices are hard to find, especially if you're looking for sherry matured stuff.

    1. Here's a weird thought. I wonder if the leaking, and thus additional oxidation, influenced this whisky more positively. Good stuff though, thanks!