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Sunday, April 1, 2018

An April of Indie Bowmore


Ever since I bought my first independently bottled Bowmore, I've been telling everyone who will listen to me to ditch the official releases for the indies. While I do enjoy the official Tempests and the standard 18yo, there's something different in style about the indie Bowmores. They're usually leaner and meaner, while also being more balanced than most of the OBs. Sometimes they're surprisingly fruity, other times they're intensely peaty.

Perhaps the difference is due to the full strength, uncolored and unfiltered treatment the independent bottlers provide. Or it's just the nature of a single cask versus a massive batch. Still there's usually such a gap in style between the IBs and OBs that they seem to come from two different distilleries.

I also have MANY Bowmore samples sitting my stash, so it's time to put a dent in it. And maybe I'll find out if there's a consistency to the quality or style. And maybe I'll find out I'm full of crap. (PROBABLE SPOILER: I always find out I'm full of crap.)

In January, I positively(!) assaulted all four of my readers with Ben Nevis reviews. This time, I won't bludgeon you with Bowmore. While there will still be plenty of indie Bowmore reviews, I will post something not-Bowmore every Friday.

And, AND!, I will open up and review one of my own bottles of IB Bowmore to close out the month. Exciting, right?



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