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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Peatin' Meetin' 2014!

This Saturday (August 9th) at 5:30pm, Peatin' Meetin' VI fires up at the Brookside Golf Course in Pasadena (next to the Rose Bowl).  Yep, it's at a different location this year, a bigger one.  Brookside provides more room to spread out, and more room for whisky.  Plus there's free parking this time.

Here are some more of the highlights:

Three big LA bars will be mixing up whisky-based cocktails
Two Celtic folk rock groups providing live music
T-shirts and whisky glasses
Peated barebcue
A full cigar lounge on site
Peated beer
And also whisky

Yes, there will be whisky.  LOTS of whisky.  Some being poured by reps and sponsors.  And even more goodies being supplied by the LA Scotch Club.  The whiskies coming from LASC are great.  I've literally seen all of them.  Okay, not literally.  Figuratively.  I helped enter whisky info into the database for the event's whisky app (for iPhones and Androids).

Plus I'll be there, always a highlight.  I'll be at the LASC members info table and then pouring stuff at the tables.  They might even entrust me with a walkie talkie this year.

So that's where I'll be this Saturday.  I always recommend it, the whisky is great and the people are awesome.  (Plus, somehow the Huff Post got word of the event.)


This year for high rollers, whisky ballers, and people in search of wild adventure, there's the Peat Monster's Ball on Friday night (here's the link).  It's prime rib dinner and five whiskies:

Black Bowmore.
Lagavulin 21yo, 2007 release.
Port Ellen, 2nd official release.
Brora 30yo, 2007 release.
Ardbeg 1975.

Yes, those are whiskies.


  1. The idea of drinking a lot of peaty whisky in early August kind of confuses me, but I'm guessing people in SoCal are more used to it. I'd have to just snag everything in sample bottles and save it until fall.

    1. I think it's a legacy thing. Six years ago, it was just a few folks hanging out in the shade in someone's backyard at night. The next year it got too big for the backyard. The year after that, sponsors signed up. Then suddenly there were 200-300 people. It hit the Scotch boom at the right time.

      The barbecue part works really well for a summer evening, as does the peaty beer. The cocktails were a hit last year since they were cold and sweet. As for quaffing cask strength smoke at the event, it sort of depends on the night. It's easier to drink Octomore at 60 degrees than 85. Last year I took home a few samples.

  2. So wish I had learned about this earlier. Sounds really great. When I read your posts about it before it did seem like a private party not something that I could actually go to. Whoops. How does it work? Unlimited pours? How can you take home samples? Is that from people bringing their own bottles to augment the already stellar lineup, or do you just take your glass and empty it into a sample bottle? I have never been to a whisky event and this sounds like it would be a perfect one for me. I have to escape the cultural black hole down here (SD) and make it up to LA for a few events. Are there any other events in the LA area you would suggest?

    1. Hey Smokeypeat. Technically it's unlimited. Some bottles are emptied in the first hour (often Laphroaigs and Lagavulins) others last the whole night through, especially the oddities. There are reps there pouring their own stuff, but most of the bottles are supplied by the LA Scotch Club. Pouring into sample bottles is doable, but you'd have to do it from your glass into the sample bottle. I did it last year, but made sure I rinsed the glass out thoroughly each time. It's mostly set up for onsite drinking, really.

      A lot of major LA whisky events cost major $$$. The LA Scotch Club crew loves Whisky Live, which hits in November. That goes on at the Convention Center.

      When I lived in LA (I'm now in the LBC), I'd look for cheaper ones though. Once Peatin' Meetin' is over and LASC's website is back up, they should provide a way for you to sign up for Scotch Club event emails. Their events are in the $30-$45 range, once a year they'll do a bigger fancier one. You should also take a look at Southern California Whiskey Club (http://www.southerncaliforniawhiskeyclub.com/) the guys who run it are awesome, and they go down to SD a couple times a year. I also like the very casual OC Scotch Club, though I don't think they go south of Fullerton. There are other ultra-luxury events around LA, but I tend to ignore them. Really, though, Peatin' Meetin' is the only annual event I pony up money for because the industry has almost no presence and the people are there just to have fun.

    2. Also, just for disclosure purposes, I served on the Peatin' Meetin' committee this year and I know the gentleman who runs LASC.