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Monday, August 13, 2012

Some ramblings on a Monday afternoon

It's a quiet blog day for me.  I'm working on employment stuff as well as tomorrow's Taste Off report.

In the meantime, I recommend...

The Coopered Tot posted the results of his gigantic 6-part blind Canadian Rye tasting, along with some thorough analysis.  It's so good that it inspired me to amend part of yesterday's Taste Off.  More on my much smaller non-rye Taste Off tomorrow.

The Scotch & Ice Cream blog posted an intensive write up on three Canadian Ryes last week.  Jefferson's 10 year Rye is looking better every day.

If you're a sherry fan, Chemistry of the Cocktail did a write-up on three deeee-licious looking sherry & rye cocktail recipes.

Looks like everything is turning up rye!

On the Scotch front, if you have 15 minutes and a drink at hand, Malt Maniac Ralfy just posted a video about Kilchoman (one of my favorite distilleries) and young crafted whiskies in general.

And look at that black-shirted drinker on the left of the photo below:
Thanks to Shawn Bishop Photography and their the wide-angle lens, I look considerably more buff than I deserve to.  Anyway, that's a pic from the LA Scotch Club's Peetin' Meetin'.  And I'm reaching for the indie Ardmore, my fave of the evening.

That's all, see you tomorrow for some bourbon.


  1. It would be nice if Ardmore started putting out more than the 'Traditional Cask' expression. I've heard mixed reviews about that one, but people rave about a lot of the aged dated OB and indie bottles, so the distillery must be sitting on some good whisky.

  2. I think so too. I'm a big fan of their Trad Cask, and it's priced well out here, usually under $40. It's young whisky though. I wonder if Beam found the existing stock lacking when they took over, because there's 10-15 years of missing malt between the Trad Cask and the 25yr.

    Otherwise, with whisky prices on the rise, I'd think this is the perfect moment for them release a 12-15 year (and charge too much for it).