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Friday, July 13, 2012

A Job Interview and a Smoothie

Had my first job interview in 9 years yesterday.  I must say, I have the utmost respect for the folks out there going to dozens of interviews trying to hunt down a job.  My interviewers (a panel of three) didn't have much in the way of specific questions and I felt like I had to be the energy behind the interview.  They also looked like they didn't particularly want to be there.  It may have been early, but couldn't they have even attempted to return a smile?

It was all very odd and empty, but necessary, I guess.  I'm all for new experiences and I should probably get better at interviews.  My bizarro work background isn't going to bowl anyone over, so I must seduce my future employers with my plentiful charm via braiding my nose hairs.

Around 8:30 in the morning, on the way to the interview, I crossed over the LA River into Wilmington.  As the bridge sloped down, I felt as if I was descending into a contemporary version Dante Alighieri's dreams.  Dark gloom, gloms of smoke belched into the air, oil refineries, rusting abandoned train cars, and barbed-wire-surrounded dumps.

I thought about the elusiveness of peace, joy, and spiritual contentment.  The perfect mental state to start an interview.  When I got home later, I saw this video sitting in my YouTube "Likes" list.  Thought it was appropriate.

On the other hand, California is in prime fruit season.  All the stone fruits are delicious right now, especially the peaches.  The berries are still scrumptious too.  So we have a ton of fruit in our home.

Being a Smoothie Man (but only post-workout), I had the revolutionary idea to use only fresh fruit in this morning's protein smoothie.  A peach, overripe raspberries and strawberries, raspberry yogurt, a splash of soy milk, vanilla whey protein, ice, and a drizzle of honey.

It was grand.  Possibly my best protein smoothie ever.  I'll let this cat describe it further.

Happy Friday!

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