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Monday, May 7, 2012

Mad Men + Revolver, Part Two

Sure enough the Interwebs were abuzz about Mad Men's "Tomorrow Never Knows" licensing.  For some quality insight about Matthew Weiner's creative process and some (unconfirmed) financial details, you should see this NYTimes Artsbeat article and this excellent Wall Street Journal Speakeasy piece.

What the articles don't mention -- and Weiner would never ever reference this -- is the song's connection to the Tibetan Book of the Dead.....the same tome mentioned in Roger's earlier LSD sequence.  There's a undercurrent of death gaining momentum this season (example: yesterday's episode title "Lady Lazarus" came from Sylvia Plath's poem about her failed suicide attempts, obsession with death, and possible rebirth).  So if Apple Corps rejected Weiner's "Tomorrow Never Knows" license request it may have proven to be more than just disappointing.

And it seems as if every blog post out there has a death/suicide prediction about this season.  I'm not going that direction.  I'll let the writers, production staff, and performers take me to the end.

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