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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

True story from the road

Picture this:

Kristen and I are in a hotel room, having set aside a few hours to do some important work.

She needs to take a practice test in order earn a professional certification.  I have a ton of story fixes that I need to make before I can start my script's 3rd draft.

We're seated, facing away from each other, computers on.  Silence.  Twenty minutes go by...

"Awww," Kristen peeps.

I don't turn around. "What's up?"

"Something I really wanted to buy has totally sold out."

"Me too."

"Whisky?" she asks.

"Whisky. And you?"

"A big silver wishbone."


"A big silver wishbone?"

"A big silver wishbone."

...and Scene.

Back to work.

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