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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Unexpected dusty treasures?

Every year Kristen and I spend the holidays with her family.  First we fly to Oneonta, NY, to spend a few snowy days at her parents' place, then we do (or her dad does) a 10 hour drive to Ohio, where we spend some time with her grandparents in Westerville and Canton.

We received a number of surprises during our trip this year.  One of them has been a VERY White Christmas.

Then there were these:

Up in my in-laws liquor cabinet sat three very used very dusty bottles of whiskey, all of which were bottled (and probably opened) before my wife was born.  I sampled them all.  And, having lived to tell the tale, I will report back on the discoveries this week...


  1. '70% grain neutral spirits' is not exactly a sign of quality. This is why Canadian whisky got such a bad rep.

    1. Your inclination is quite accurate, though the Americans were at fault with that one...