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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Fail...er...Adventures in Home Blending, Part 3

They're baaaa-aaaaaack.

Actually, I couldn't bring myself to finish either of the minis, so I bottled an equal remained amount of each: 0.5oz and 0.5oz.

I called it:


As you can tell, I put about as much imagination into that name as The Speyside Distillery put into their own.

To counter any zingers about The Speyside I always mention the great indie bottler, Scott's Selection,  their company owns.  Their distributor has an AWESOME rep, Monique Huston, who is whisky brilliant and also awesome.  Much of The Speyside malt goes into their McGavin's blends, of which I recommend the peated Highland blend over the non-peated Speyside blend.

As for Speyburn?  I divulged all I know in last week's post.

So let's get back to this glamo(u)rous home vatted malt.  It was one ounce-worth in total, weighing in at 43% ABV.  It spent 11 days intermingling.  Let's see how it turned out.

October 25, 2012
Color -- Apple juice
Nose -- Vodka and farts. Then vodka farts (there's a subtle difference). Corn chips, ripe apples, nail polish remover, The Turps, barley grains.
Palate -- Not much going on; sweet cream, cheap cologne, some alcohol zip. There's a lightly floral moment. Not actual flowers though, more like bathroom spray (to cover up the vodka farts? No.).
Finish -- Moderate, sweeter, sugary breakfast cereal

Nose -- Brussels sprouts, burnt grass, rotten eggs
Palate -- Quiet, alcohol, floral bathroom spray remains, late sweetness, creamy, reminiscent of a mild blend.
Finish -- More floral bathroom spray, lightly sweet

Though perhaps not as bad as the notes read, this blend should not be repeated.

Now let us never speak of this again.


  1. I was about to take you to task for not being able to finish two minis. But then I remembered that last night I poured down the drain whisky from a 30ml mini myself. Sure you could drink it (on a dare, say, or for a fraternity pledge), but why? There is only so much a healthy man can drink before he is not a healthy man, so we have to choose our poison carefully.

    Incidentally, mine was a Penderyn (Madeira finish), which was bitter, vegetal, and downright nasty. I was surprised since the distillery tends to get pretty good if not universal praise.

    1. "There is only so much a healthy man can drink before he is not a healthy man, so we have to choose our poison carefully."

      Agreed. 100%.

      I was tempted to dump the last parts of these, but the vatting intrigue won the day. I've had worse, but that's no reason to keep drinking, especially with better stuff so near at hand.

      Interesting to hear about your Penderyn Madeira experience. That's too bad. I was very underwhelmed by their Peated malt. Disappointed too, since I'm really rooting for those guys. The world needs a good Welsh distillery.

  2. "Two tastes that taste horrible together!"

    1. !!!

      Aye, these are the antithesis of peanut butter and chocolate.