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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Condo Makeover: Part 1

We have made over our condo this year.  And yes, I'm waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay behind on posting pictures of this.

Part 1:  The bedroom.

In March, we decided to take the bland pale yellowish color of our bedroom and turn it into something with more character, something sleepy, something of the cool dark unconscious...

To begin with:

Pulling everything back from the wall.

The edging begins...

Yes, my wife did ALL of the painting.

The results:

There are several more posts to follow over the next week or two, showing the other changes we've made around our home.  One thing that we've learned, wall paint is the least expensive makeover element.  Simply changing the color of the walls can make an enormous difference to the way one feels about a room.

Or one can rip mirrors out of the wall, break off tiles, stain cabinets, pull out sinks, and tear out counters.  But that's for another time...


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    1. Thank you! (from Kristen) Though I guess I did take good pictures. So thank you, on that too. ;-)