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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Thursday, Time to Feel Weird

Here are three videos I've seen recently that draw specific psychological responses:

Firstly, the trailer for Beyond the Black Rainbow.

The filmmakers have clearly been watching the right movies.  Perhaps Jodorowsky meets Argento meets Kubrick?

The trailer makes me hug my screen with joy.  Could the full feature be as swell?  Can it maintain?  The reviews from the film festivals do say that it's one big bucket of oddity.  A hopeful sign.  I think we all could use some proper weird right now.  And by "we all", I mean me.

I sincerely hope this gets a theatrical release.

If that trailer did nothing for you, here's a five minute video of a cockroach giving birth.

If you have cockroach issues, sorry.  :(

Now, who's hungry?

JEEZUS, just give us a whisky post, you a-hole.

Okay, as an apology, here's a video to right your mind.

Happy Thursday!

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