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Thursday, April 3, 2008

The March, documented

Jesse and Nick have posted the pictures on this site. BUT, since the site has 220+ pics, I thought I'd sum them up for you with the following 14. The links below will/should open in new windows:

The beginning.

I am not being dramatic. I am applying sunscreen.

Jesse and I pondering mile 3.

The fourth member of the group didn’t fare so well.

So we ate him.

We’re so awesome in our hats that they had to call the fuzz.

The camera caught us in the middle of our marathon musical number.

The question we’ve been asking ourselves.

These guys totally beat us by four hours.

Approaching the inevitable dirt storm.

The victory dance: Pic1, Pic2, Pic3

Thank you.


  1. That is fucking amazing (I forgot if Google doesn't allow you to swear ... I guess they would've banned your blog by now)!! The first Kravitz to finish a marathon!

    Two questions - why did you wear a white shirt and did you run out of things to talk about after 26 miles? I love this shot - http://weaponize.com/march/content/_MG_9138_large.html

  2. Word. Yes I am a patriot. I think I have that flag still. Should stick it to my car window. I wore the lightest colored shirt possible due to the sun & heat. But it needed to be longsleeved to protect my fair arms. And I didn't run out of stuff to talk about, but there were a few miles when it was SILENT.

  3. I wasn't sure if your shirt was whiter than your skin! Did you have a chance to chat with any of the soldiers? I'm surprised you didn't throw on some tunes at some point.

  4. I considered bringing an iPod with me, but decided against it because I didn't want to block out what was going on around me. We talked to a few soldiers briefly, mostly about how brutal it is to march in their standard issue boots and a little convo about beer and wine. There were a couple soldiers who had little iPod getto blasters strapped to their bags too, normally that would annoy me, but they can play whatever they want on a trudge like that.