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About Me

This is me:

This is Kristen:

This is what Kristen did when I tried to pick up on her:

This was my ninja response:

This was the result:

This is our home:

This is our new tenant:

This is a great movie:

This is me in college:

This is me on those mornings I've missed my workout:

And that is all the important stuff.


  1. Hi, thank you for this amazing blog (and nice pictures!!). Unfortunately, I'm a newbie and I really can't filter through all of this information.... My fiance loves whiskey. He's into Talkiser 18 and Ardbeg 10 (these are the only two I can remember). I'm doing my research to find him the perfect Valentine's Day gift but really have no clue. I'm looking to spend $300-$500 and am looking for a hard (not impossible) find. Something that any whiskey lover would fall for (HARD). If you could make a few recommendations, it'll be so very helpful! Thank you.

    1. It was great chatting with you via email! Let me know if you have any other questions or need anything else. Hope the gifting went well. :)

  2. In this summer's bug juice cocktail,
    am using 42 proof tax stamp triple sec
    from Paramount Distillers

    "located on Cleveland's near west side, it pumps the life blood through Ohio's neighborhood bars & liquor stores with unmatched abandon,
    more than 150 bargain-priced, full-powered liquors designed to start the party without emptying the wallet."

    So what limited edition exclusives can you get me at their gift shop ?