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Whisk(e)y Resources

Blog Roll!
Chemistry of the Cocktail - Jordan's a smart, candid blogger who tries and reports on cocktails of all kinds (classic and contemporary) yet also has the bandwidth and palate space for extensive whisky reviewing. And make sure you do not miss his whisky science posts!
My Annoying Opinions - With an impressive palate and a bracing no bullsh*t approach, MAO is the best troublemaker out there right now. And despite the wrongheaded accusations fired at him by those with questionable motives, MAO is not annoying. His well-shaped arguments come from a sincere, concerned, irreverent place.
The Coopered Tot - Josh is a great whisky writer with vast experience, and he's also one of my favorite members of the online whisky community.
Recent Eats - Sku is knowledgable about many things palate-related, especially LA nosh and dusty bourbons.
Scotch and Ice Cream - Though Tim has recently retired from blogging, I strongly recommend checking out all of his old posts.
LAWS Reviews - The Los Angeles Whisky Society has assembled a great site with awesome (and often very funny) snapshot reviews.  I've met a couple of these guys and they're swell folks.
Chuck Cowdery - A great source for all things American Whiskey.  Plus I approve of his Diageo hate.
Bourbon Truth - The go-to spot for well-informed bourbon rage.
Nonjatta - Awesome thorough site on Japanese Whisky.
Ralfy's Videos - Ralfy is your Scottish uncle who knows more about whisky than you ever will and happily shares great secrets with you twice a week.

Malt Maniacs
Whiskyfun - The grand yet humble Serge Valentin has reviewed over EIGHT THOUSAND whiskies over the last six years.  A great deal of thought and consideration has gone into every single set of notes.  His olfactory bulb has superpowers.
Dramming by Oliver Klimek - A thoughtful and incisive whisky writer/reviewer with a sense of humor about the business.  I read his posts the moment they publish.
Malt Madness - Run by Johannes, creator of the Malt Maniacs.  Oodles of info on whisky making as well as all of the Scotch Distilleries, open and closed.  His map of Scotland is great too.
Whisky Monitor - A database containing 50,000 Malt Maniac ratings for 15,000 bottlings.

News and Information
wine-searcher - Will help you search out (or price out) that bottle of whisky you've been looking for.
Whiskybase - An intriguing whisky database resource.  I foresee myself joining up. (UPDATE: I've happily joined.)
Shanken News Daily - All booze business news hits here first.
WhiskyIntelligence - Positives: Great for whisky specific news, posts constantly. Negatives: is sometimes not much more than an advertising portal for new releases, posts constantly.
Whiskycast - The big whisky podcast. Many many past episodes to check out.

Master of Malt - Whatever you do, DO NOT look at their whisky samples.  Just a momentary view will cause you to sell your belongings, abandon your loved ones, and place a massive international order on your credit card.  Seriously don't look at them.  Here.  (UPDATE: Their prices have gone up quite a bit and the shipping prices keep getting more expensive. The sample selection is great though.)
Royal Mile Whiskies - My favorite brick-and-mortar shop in the UK.  Amazing independent selection.  They've shipped bottles to me twice without the slightest hitch.
The Whisky Exchange - I believe their Vinopolis shop is the largest whisky retailer in the UK.  Their online selection is immense.
Whiskybase Shop - I'm terribly addicted to window shopping this site run by the whiskybase folks.
Binnys.com - Possibly the largest liquor retailer in the US.
K& L Wines - One of the best whisky retailers in California.  Unlike other shops, they're not massive.  Instead they choose well and price well.
Hi Time Wine Cellars - The best liquor stop in Orange County.
Mission Wine & Spirits - A great retailer in Pasadena and The Valley.
Beverage Warehouse - A good booze stop on the Westside.  Impressive selection, excellent prices.

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